Samaria's Chakradance facilitates Chakradance 

TM classes/workshops that uses Jungian psychology, 

chakras, mandala art therapy, the power of music aligned 

to specific chakras, dance, and guided meditation. 

Together all these practices are woven into a healing 

energy which is done in a sacred space by a Certified, 

Accredited, Licensed Chakradance FacilitatorWhen 

one is finished a Chakradance session, which is often 

called the sister to yoga or spiritual zumba; one is left 

feeling with an overall feeling of calmness,  you are de-

stressed, and yet at the same time you feel energized. 

These workshops are done with the eyes closed to 

facilitate a journey inwards.  It is soulwork which leads to

 an increased level of self-awareness and spirituality.

These workshops are wonderful for you or people in 

your life who are interested in empowerment, learning to

love, needing help in communication, learning to listen to

the inner wisdom, and individuals wanting to work on 

their spirituality and to facilitate self-healing.

If you have any questions about this, contact Samaria.

Freedom Series

The Freedom Series is brand new.  It is a cycle of  nine 

workshops and just became available in mid-October, 

2016..  Samaria is excited that she is going to offer these 

beautiful workshops..  The series starts with an 

Introduction To Chakras and Healing workshop, then 

goes deep into a different chakra each time.  The last one 

is an integration workshop that weaves together 

everything you have learned and experienced.

Throat Chakra Freedom Cycle Workshop - July 31/17 at 7pm

Pine Studio

Evergreen Community Spaces

1709 8 Avenue NE Calgary, AB

Using meditation, sacred movement, and mandala art 

therapy we will journey to the dimension of the Throat 


Using the element of ether we will open, balance, and 

align the Throat Chakra which resides in the area of your 

throat. When this chakra is free and open, we are able to 

access effective communication (listening, speaking, non-

verbal), creativity, and our spirituality. The throat chakra 

is the first of the spiritual chakras, it is the bridge to the 

spiritual realm, and an important bridge from our heart. 

An open throat chakra allows us to speak our love to the 

world. In speaking our love we receive sustenance from 

the sacred on an ongoing basis.

Samaria is an accredited, licensed Chakradance TM 

facilitator who has years of experience in this modality 

and creating rituals and ceremonies for the purpose of

 healing. she is a Reiki master/teacher, advanced Pranic 

energy healer trained in psychotherapeutic techniques, a

Certified Meditation teacher and a student of 


This evening is one of healing your mind, body, and soul.

Samaria is a proud member of The Wellness Universe, 

Your Holistic Earth and IICT.

Please come 15 minutes early to the workshop. 

 When the journey begins, no latecomers will be

allowed in as it is disruptive to the other participants.

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