Samaria is a certified Level 3 Pranic Energy Healer in 

Psychotherapy and Reiki Master/Teacher

She is always taking more courses in the area of Pranic 

Energy Healing to further her knowledge.

Pranic Energy Healing is a no touch healing modality 

that uses prana (universal life force) to balance the mind,

body, and soul. This tested system of healing was

developed by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui.   A Pranic 

Energy Healer cleanses your aura and health rays

Cleanses, balances and re-energizes your chakras. If 

entities and/or unwanted spiritual cords are found, they

can be cut and cleansed from yourself. All different 

ailments can be healed such as psychological or

physical.This system is said to be like acupuncture and 

yoga as it treats the energy body which in turn changes 

the physical body. 

Reiki is a form of touch energy healing from Japan.  It

is a spiritual healing method which uses touch and the 

healing hands of the pracitioner to provide healing of

the chakras and different ailments of the client.

Samaria offers workshops in Reiki

Both Pranic Energy Healing and Reiki can be done in

person or over long distances.

Appointments must be made for the above services, fees

need be paid in advance of the session.

Samaria will come to your location within reason or else a long distance session will be made by appointment.


Intro Into Energy Healing Techniques - June 28/17 

Cost $30 (on this website)

During this workshop we will discuss various energy

healing techniques that are available. We will go into how

meditation is important for individuals who are interested 

in this area of healing. You will be shown how to see 

auras and prana (universal life force energy). Also

information will be provided on what the different colours

of the aura mean.

There are only 8 spots available in this workshop so I 

urge you to sign up as soon as possible to assure your 

entrance into this event.

Takes place at Evergreen Community Spaces in Calgary

in the skylight room. Please arrive 15 minutes early as 

we will start with a meditation. Being late to this event will

disturb your fellow participants.