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Cannabis consultation

Medical Cannabis Consultation

 Interested in learning more about how cannabis can help you?

Feel uncomfortable going to a doctor or a clinic that is known for medical marijuana?

Scared of the stigma attached to using cannabis but have heard it could help you?

We provide discreet, confidential, one on one consultations:

  • information
  • education
  • counseling

Cannabis can be used for a number of different reasons and condtions:

  • addiction (get off opiods)
  • pain relief and control
  • mental health (mood balancing, anxiety, stress)
  • sleep issues and distrubances
  • physcial illness (cancer, ALS, MS, crohn's, etc)

We are completely confidential.Your information is kept private and is not dispensed to anyone without written approval.

We offer consultations in person, by phone, or online via skype. 

Below is the link to our appointment calendar. This enables you to book an appointment online when it is convenient for you!

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Discreet, confidential cannabis consultation

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