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Smokeless Smudge

Smokeless, liquid smudge

 There are many places that do not allow you to use regular smudge.

This is a great alternative!

Smokeless smudge acts just like regular smudge. It clears the energy and sets the mood for spiritual and healing work.

We only use all natural, organic and vegan ingredients in our products unless otherwise specified.

Magical Black Salt

Magical Black Salt

This is a magical primary protective element. It is one step up from using regular salt in protection and absorbing negativity in ceremonial and ritual work.

Black salt has many uses and is not black magik!

Sprinkle it around your property for protection and to absorb negative energy.

It will also remove negative spells that have been cast.

Works great for banishing and keeping unwanted spirits at bay.

Under your pillow to get rid of bad dreams.

Spirit Dreaming Ointment

Spirit Dream Stream Ointment

 This is a magical instrument that alters consciousness and enhances psychic abilities.. It is often used to travel to the astral plane and to consult with Spirit. 

The ingredients promote astral travel, journeying, vivid dreams, and increased divination ability for the user.

Spirit Dreaming Tea

Spirit Dreaming Tea Bags

This tea is a magical instrument that alters consciousness and enhances psychic abilities. 

Because it is ingested the effects are stronger that what would be achieved with the ointment.

It is very useful in divination, talking to spirit or spirits, astral travel, and vivid dreaming.

Dragon's Blood Ink


Many Dragon's Blood Ink out there is not made with the correct ingredients. Some just contain red dye. 

Our Dragon's Blood Ink is made with Dracaena which is from the most powerful and ancient recipe for this ceremonial ink.

Dragon's Blook Ink is used in the creation of talismans, sigils, pacts, or petitions that deal with power, protection, courage, and spirituality.

This powerful magical ink is infused with the protective powers of dragons

White Sage Smudge Stick

White sage smudging stick

White sage is an ideal smudging plant and is used for healing and cleansing.

Sage clears negativity inside and outside us, our energy field, our house and any other place.

Smudging is an age old practice and white sage is used in rituals, ceremonies, and energy cleansing.

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