Chakradance TM


What is Chakradance TM?

Chakradance TM is a multi-modality healing and wellness experience.

It's purpose is simple, if ambitious:

to help you to more fully embody your soul.

It uses:

  • Guided meditation
  • Chakra balancing
  • Conscious movement (dance)
  • Journeying
  • Music specifically developed to open, balance, & align the chakra being worked on
  • Mandala art therapy

Chakradance TM is often called 'rhythm for the soul' or the 'sister to yoga' without the set-piece poses or asanas.

The heart of Chakradance is the music. It uses the 7 major chakras that are the energetic gateways to bring together the mind, body, and spirit, literally embodying the soul.

Chakradance can be experienced as a joyful affirmation of who you truly are. It leads to an awakening and a discovery of your true self.

On a deeper level, Chakradance is about healing and balance.

But surrending to the music of each chakra, we dance from the inside out and find ourselves awakening and healing ancient hurts. 

This results in sometimes expressing for the first time our long blocked emotions thus opening ourselves up to levels of spiritual connection we never thought possible.

If you are not a dancer don't worry. You don't have to have any dance experience or even dance at these workshops if don't want to. You can still receive the great benefits by just showing up!

Chakradance TM is experienced in a sacred space of no judgement and produces great effects on the mind, body, and soul of the participants.

It is also done in a darkened room with the eyes closed or with eye masks on. This is because Samaria sends you on a journey with her beautiful voice. To enhance your ability to journey and to receive the most benefits you need to travel within. It is easiest to journey within when your eyes are closed.

It will feel like you are in a waking dream.

What Is Chakradance TM?

Samaria created this video to explain what Chakradance is and what it is not.

About Chakradance Classes

Sneak peak on a Chakradance workshop

Video on the Heart Chakra

Check out this great video that explains what the Heart chakra is all about.


Open Your Heart - A Chakradance Workshop

Live everyday with joy, love and compassion

 "When we balance our heart chakra, we simultaneously release past relationship wounds and attachments which may be hurting us in the present, and which could also compromise our future. The key to attaining the state of being ‘unhurt’ is to find love, forgiveness and compassion – for others, and also for ourselves." Natalie Southgate 

The heart chakra also called Anahata is the seat of our soul, governs love, joy and compassion within us.

The heart chakra is connected to the hand chakras and this is how we send love to the world around us. That is why healers project the healing energy through their hands.

Our heart carries its own nervous system which is called the heart brain. The heart is electronically and magnetically stronger than our brains and sends more information to the brain than it receives back. Our heart influences our brain in the areas of perception, intuition and emotions.

When your heart chakra is balanced and open you feel love, compassion, have the ability to let go, trust and be open-hearted in your life.

In the moving meditation portion of the workshop. we will dance with lightness, joy and compassion using the air to lift ourselves to freedom and to loose fear.

Come join us in an evening to release our fear, bring love, joy and compassion in our lives.

We do not allow drop-ins at our events. This ensures we have enough materials for all participants. We also prefer to have a limited class size.

Samaria's Mystical Group reserves the right to cancel workshops. If this occurs you will receive a full refund or have the option for a credit.

We offer refunds within 7 days of purchase date. However, if the payment is received 7 days before the workshop occurs, no refund will be given except for extenuating circumstances.

If you have any questions about this event, our services or products please contact us:

  • email
  • phone 403-836-1164

Open Your Heart Workshop


November 18th, 2019

7:30- 9:30 pm

Killarney, Calgary

(full address is given upon payment of fees)

Cost: $35

Current post-secondary students and the Institute of Shamanic Medicine students receive 40% off with identification.

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