Chakradance TM


What is Chakradance TM?

Chakradance TM is a multi-modality healing and wellness experience.

It's purpose is simple, if ambitious:

to help you to more fully embody your soul.

It uses:

  • Guided meditation
  • Chakra balancing
  • Conscious movement (dance)
  • Journeying
  • Music specifically developed to open, balance, & align the chakra being worked on
  • Mandala art therapy

Chakradance TM is often called 'rhythm for the soul' or the 'sister to yoga' without the set-piece poses or asanas.

The heart of Chakradance is the music. It uses the 7 major chakras that are the energetic gateways to bring together the mind, body, and spirit, literally embodying the soul.

Chakradance can be experienced as a joyful affirmation of who you truly are. It leads to an awakening and a discovery of your true self.

On a deeper level, Chakradance is about healing and balance.

But surrending to the music of each chakra, we dance from the inside out and find ourselves awakening and healing ancient hurts. 

This results in sometimes expressing for the first time our long blocked emotions thus opening ourselves up to levels of spiritual connection we never thought possible.

If you are not a dancer don't worry. You don't have to have any dance experience or even dance at these workshops if don't want to. You can still receive the great benefits by just showing up!

Chakradance TM is experienced in a sacred space of no judgement and produces great effects on the mind, body, and soul of the participants.

It is also done in a darkened room with the eyes closed or with eye masks on. This is because Samaria sends you on a journey with her beautiful voice. To enhance your ability to journey and to receive the most benefits you need to travel within. It is easiest to journey within when your eyes are closed.

It will feel like you are in a waking dream.


What Is Chakradance TM?

Samaria created this video to explain what Chakradance is and what it is not.

About Chakradance Classes

Sneak peak on a Chakradance workshop

Chakradance Journeying Series

Journey Deep Into Healing

Starting in September of 2018 we will be offering the Chakradance TM Journey series of workshops.

This series has been designed for participants who are ready for deep inner transformational work. Discover all the facets of who you are, gain clarity and insight, and reconnect with your true, authentic self. As your outer world shifts into alignment with your inner world, be open to discovering your true path and purpose. 

Each workshop is between 2 to 3 hours in length.  There will be one workshop per month for seven months.

We also accept email transfers:

Chakradance TM Journeying Series

Chakradance TM Journeying Series

Solar Plexus Chakra

Check out this great video on the Solar Plexus Chakra

Dancing the Solar Plexus

Journey To The Solar Plexus Chakra

Empower Yourself

Journey To The Solar Plexus Chakra Workshop

Monday, November 12

7 - 9:30pm

Institute of Shamanic Medicine

16A, 416 Meridian Road SE

Calgary, AB

 The journey series of workshops by Chakradance are for individuals who wish to journey deep into their soul and healing.

The Solar Plexus chakra is where we find empowerment, our personal power, will, drive and sense of purpose. This chakra creates energy and boots our metabolism.

Fire is the element of the Sacral Chakra and we will use it to burn away all that you no longer need, creating a space where your inner spiritual warrior will blossom.

The Solar plexus  is also referred to as Manipura which means lustrous gem. It is called this as it regulates our life force.

By the end of the workshop you will feel de-stressed, balanced, full of confidence, inner strength, and wonderful self-esteem.

Your warrior will be ready to take on the world!

This workshop does not allow dropins. This ensures all participants receive an information package for the workshop. 

Become yourself!

Empower your inner spiritual warrior with self-confidence, self-esteem, and increase your energy levels with this workshop

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What is the Heart Chakra?

This video explains what is connected to the heart chakra, what it governs, and its properties.

Heart Chakra

Journey To The Heart Chakra

Journey To The Heart Chakra

December 3, 7-9:30 pm

Institute of Shamanic Medicine

Calgary, AB

Cost $46 (Non-members)

"When we balance our heart chakra, we simultaneously release past relationship wounds and attachments which may be hurting us in the present, and which could also compromise our future. The key to attaining the state of being ‘unhurt’ is to find love, forgiveness and compassion – for others, and also for ourselves." Natalie Southgate 

The Heart Chakra is connected to feelings of love, joy, compassion and empathy. The Sanskrit word for the Heart Chakra is Anahata which means un-struck or unhurt.

Anahata is associated with the element of air which you access in your breathing. As you can guess this chakra is located in the centre of the chest and it rules the heart and lungs.

When the Heart chakra is healthy, it allows us to fully and unconditionally feel love. This unconditional feeling of love is experienced with fear or pain and with no attachments.

During the dance of the Heart chakra we are integrating:

  • masculine and feminine energies
  • the physical and spiritual chakras

In creating this beautiful union of energies we create a space of lightness, joy, and compassion within us.

We do not allow dropins at our workshops. This ensures all participants receive the supplies they need for the evening.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us:

Payment for the above workshop can also be sent by email transfer to the above email address.

Feel love, live love, and spread love everywhere!

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