What Is Meditation?

Check out this great video by Samaria that explains what meditation is.

Meditation Classes by a Certified Meditation Teacher

Meditation classes

Offered online through Zoom

These classes are offered by Samaria on a donation basis.

Email the donation to Samaria:

When we receive the donation in Canadian funds via email we will send you the zoom link for the class.

Meditation by Samaria (in person class)

In person classes bi-weekly

Starting Monday, June 24th

7:30 - 8:30pm

SW Calgary, AB

Great for beginners as we will start with the basics.

Small class size so each participant receives attention they need.

No dropins allowed to ensure small class size.

Cost is $16 per class.

If you have any questions regarding these classes contact Samaria:

Meditation Classes And Support


We provide one on one meditation classes and support on your schedule!


Meditation is a age old practice that is found in all religions and cultures on Earth.

It has been scientifically proven to have many benefits including:

  • reduction of stress
  • calming the mind
  • providing inner peace
  • increased mental and physcial health
  • healthier sleep

There are many different forms of meditation. We offer whatever you need including:

  • guided 
  • mantra 
  • mindfulness

We provide information, and will teach you to how to meditate. We will also coach you on proper breath techniques, body positioning, and assist you with any questions or continual motivation you need to keep your practice fresh.

We offer classes and or support to: 

  • adults
  • youth
  • children.

We also offer corporate wellness programs.

Below is our appointment calendar

This allows you to book your personal meditation class and or meditation support session online.

We fit into your schedule!

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