Samaria's Story

Samaria Nancy Cardinal

Some History

Samaria is a proud citizen of the Metis Nation Of Alberta.

Here is a bit of her story and history.

She experienced extreme trauma when she was young leading to a life of addiction, extreme mental health issues, and homelessness.

During the 80's she was initiated as a Priestess in a spiritual tradition and began her long healing journey.

She became interested in spiritual philosophies from around the world.

Her thirst for knowledge knew no bounds and she became certified in a number of wellness and healing modalities.

Her journey was to heal her everyday torment she felt in her life. As she continues to do so, she is now experiencing a life she never thought possible for herself.

She will continue to heal for the rest of her life. 

Along the way she was pulled by the need to help others. That is why Samaria started Samaria's Mystical Group. She has a strong desire to share with others the joy, happiness and freedom she now carries with her.

Samaria does speaking engagements. If you would like to contact her about speaking you can phone or email her.

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