Samaria's Mystical Group's Memberships

We have a variety of memberships. When 

you sign up as a member you receive better prices

for all of our services, plus extra gifts on a continual

basis.  Every one of the memberships can

be extended to 6 months or yearly memberships. If

you would like to do that just contact Samaria and

she will discuss that with you personally.

These memberships are quarterly. 

Contact Samaria if you have questions.

The Samaria's Mystical Group's Premium

Membership is great value and this is the package that offers the most benefits to you.

* Three Chakradance workshops

* Six Meditation classes

* Three Energy Healing sessions (Either Reiki

   or Pranic Energy Healing)

Purchasing these services individually without a

membership to Samaria's Mystical Group would cost

you $981. 

The Premium Membership is the only plan that includes

energy healing services.

But with the premium membership you pay only

$531. You are saving $450.

Payment plans can be arranged, please contact Samaria

if you wish this option.

Samaria's Mystical Group's Chakradance 


In January regular Chakradance workshops will go

up to $67 per workshop, not including special events.

When special events are offered by us, you receive

discounts non-members cannot access . In one quarter 

without a membership you would pay $201 for three

Chakradance workshops.

With a Chakradance membership you receive three 

Chakradance workshops per quarter for only $111. 

This membership plan saves you $90.

If you wish to have a payment plan with the Chakradance

membership please contact Samaria.

Samaria's Mystical Group's Meditation Membership

Our meditation membership is great for those who

like more than one meditation class a month.

With our monthly membership you will receive 2

meditation classes a month.

When you are not a member of Samaria's Mystical

Group, meditation classes are $60 each.

Meditation members only pay $120 for one quarter (3

months). That is a savings of $240 in meditation services.

Samaria's Mystical Group Energy Healing


This is a special membership plan for individuals just 

interested in energy healing.

With this membership you receive:

* 1 Energy Healing session a month

* Discounts on additional sessions and on any classes

and/or workshops that are offered with regards to energy 


Samaria is a Reiki Master/Teacher and an advanced

Pranic Energy Healer.

As a member you can choose which modality you would 

like to use for your healing.

We do long distance (remote) healing sessions for 

individuals who request that. We also do in person

sessions within a reasonable distance. If you wish to set

up an appointment please contact Samaria.

This membership plan is $225 for one quarter (3


Non-members pay $200 a session so you save $125 per


If you would like a longer commitment than three months

please contact us about that.