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This is an ancient healing tradition and a way of life that is practiced by Indigenous peoples throughout the whole world.

It allows connection with nature, ourselves, and all creation.

Samaria is a shamanic healer.

Shamanic Drum Journey

We have just started offering Shamanic services for our clients!

As an introductory price we are offering individual one on one 45 minute drum journeys for an incredible price of $30

Drum Journeys we offer:

  • Power animal journey
  • Connection with other animals on your medicine wheel
  • Personal restoration also known as soul retrieval
  • Restoration you need to do for others
  • Restoration to you from others

During drum journey's you can:

  • Find your power animal and other animal's to provide wisdom and guidance in your life
  • Create your own nagual (dream) medicine wheel
  • Find your place of power and empowerment
  • Deal with your shadow self
  • Restortation of your life back to you
  • Deal with trauma and past issues
  • Find answers you need for your everyday life

A drum journey is:

  • relaxing
  • gentle
  • calming
  • provides clarity

If you would like to discuss our Shamanic services with Samaria:

Samaria's Healing Space

 Samaria's Healing Space is now open.
Come into a safe, sacred space to find yourself and heal.
Soft beautiful lighting that adapts you to every mood.
Aromatherapy and beautiful music to calm and de-stress.
I do Shamanic, Reiki, and Pranic Healing.
Book an appointment by clicking on the button below.

Shamanic Healing/Counseling

Shamanic healing

Shamanic Counseling

We provide Shamanic healing and counseling sessions on a personal one on one basis.

  • Psychological/Mental health issues
  • Physical issues
  • Spiritual help and or direction

Below is our appointment calendar so you can book your Shamanic Session

Our appointment calendar allows you to book a shamanic service online when it is convenient for you!

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We love our clients!

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